Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maddie's Dance Recital

My darling niece, Maddie, was the star of her dance recital tonight. She was in two numbers - a ballet number featuring the Wiggles song "Rockabye Your Bear" and a tap number.  Here she is, rockabyeing her bear:

Maddie is always the kid at MND who is trying to organize her cousins into doing a "show."  (The grownups shamefully try to avoid attending the shows at all costs, but still.)  I think you can tell from this picture why that is:  the girl LOVES being on stage!  I love how straight and tall she is standing and how big her smile is:
During the tap number Maddie was RIGHT ON in her tap moves.  
(Not to be outdone, Rose #3 had to climb on the stage and pretend that she was a dancer in the show too.  Luckily this was during intermission.)
Good job Maddie!  Love your dancing!

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