Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday To Rose #1!!

Today we are all wishing Rose #1 a very happy 7th birthday!  I wish I had a newborn photo of her on our computer but since the Apple laptop died an untimely death (please do not ever spill an entire bottle of lemonade into a laptop's keyboard), the photos of Rose #1 start at about age 2. 

Anyway, here she is in her darling messy state at age 2 or 2 1/2.  This was back in the day when Rose #1 would actually wear a dress.  (Rose #3 still wears this dress on occasion, BTW!)  This was also our old house:
And here she is in a very special Star Wars getup this morning.  Happy 7th birthday my darling tomboy Star Wars, Lego Loving, Reader Extraordinare, Rose #1!!!!
Edited to say:  No, that is not lipstick on her lips.  They are naturally that ruby red and beautiful!

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Jill said...

Happy Birthday to my special little friend!! See you tomorrow!