Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Fun

"Summer" soccer started last Saturday, and I remember thinking it couldn't be ANY COLDER this Saturday than last.  Well, I was wrong.  It was about 40 degrees and 25 with the wind chill!  Brrrrr.  We all suited up and went for soccer anyway.  Here is Rose #2 showing off her dribbling skills.  

After soccer we came home to "chill" (pardon the pun) indoors.  The girls decided to dress up in their costumes.  The clone trooper costume was a gift to Rose #1, but the really good costume was the Anakin costume that Rose #1 was wearing.   (Thanks to my colleague for the loan!)
I have not spent much time thinking about being the mom of biracial kids.  It seems commonplace, now, and it is of course normal for our family.  But I am sometimes taken aback when I see pictures like this and observe just how little my kids resemble me.  They are my biological children - I have the scars and the post-baby body as proof.  But darn, they don't look like me at all!  Actually Rose #2 does, a teeny bit, but wouldn't you know that she's wearing the mask.  Sigh.

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