Sunday, May 3, 2009

A really nice weekend

Well, despite the look on Rose #1's fact, we did have a lovely weekend.  It was warm here in the great state of Minnesota, for the first time really this entire calendar year, and we had a good time doing some work outside and playing with the neighbors.  We got our junk pile/weed pile/garden cleaned up - a bit - and H got cedar mulch laid down in almost all the spots that need it.  We also got our annual hanging basket and got the hook up to hang it from.  We went to church and to Guppy's house to make pinatas (for upcoming birthday celebrations) and on Sunday afternoon spent nearly 4 hours playing outside.

Rose #1 really did have a good day, despite a small falling out with the neighbor boy at the very end of the long afternoon outdoors.  Here she is, (not) enjoying her ice cream bar:

Rose #2 had so much candy and sweets this weekend it was shameful.  Here she is smiling away because she is so happy she has an ice cream treat:
And Rose #3 found one of my old sunhats and put it on to ham it up for you:
I forgot to mention that we also hit a few garage sales on Saturday morning.  Here is the $25 pot rack H found!  Yay!  WTG H!  Now our under the counter cabinet space is much more useable - plus, how cool does it look (very cool...)?

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Jill said...

E looks so sad in her photo! Is she excited for her b-day party?? Is there anything she really wants or is into? See you all then!