Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rose #3 Had No Nap Today

When I got home from work, Cynthia (our nanny) told me that Rose #3 had no nap today.  This is why she has been a little bit crabby.  She didn't want to sit still at dinner, and so she spilled her milk and I might mention that she spilled her Gogurt before dinner.  How do you spill a Gogurt, you might wonder.  I don't know, but I found Gogurt all over the floor.  I LOVE Gogurt, especially the way Rose #2 and Rose #3 can get them by themselves from the fridge and Rose #2 can even cut off the top her very own self.  That's just grand.

Rose #3 is sitting next to me as I type.  "What you doing, Mommy?" she wonders, and she gives me the cutest smile and look up through her eyelashes.  She is a charmer.

I remember the night Rose #3 was born.  It was 12:29 a.m. when she was FINALLY here, and she was a BIG baby.  8 lb, 11 oz.  The midwife (god bless her) said to me, "THAT'S a big baby," and sure enough when they put her on the scale I was surprised at her weight.  I also remember as soon as she was born, they had to bring her over to a separate table because there was meconium in her amniotic fluid.  I just wanted to hold her so bad as soon as she was born - I remember even after pushing out a huge baby who took her time getting here I looked at my sister and said, "That wasn't so bad, I would like to hold my baby now."  That was Rose #3.  I'll never forget the night she was born.  I love her 100 million times more now than I did then, and I loved her a googleplex then.

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