Thursday, May 28, 2009

The middle of Birthday Season

I was pondering tonight how we are nearly 1/2 done with birthdays - Rose #1 and H down, me and Roses #2 and 3 to go.  We have a LOT of birthdays in a row, and that means, well, sort of HIGH credit card bills!

We don't go overboard, really we don't.  But birthdays are kind of expensive.  Gifts, parties, etc.  All worth it, of course.  We don't do big flashy birthday parties, but we tend to do, well, BIG birthday parties.  You know.  Tons of kids.  Which I insist on hosting.  And we are doing it again on June 7 for Rose #2's birthday.

Next year, I think I will go for a shared birthday party between Rose #1 and #2.  Tonight - very cute - Rose #2 was recounting the mean behavior of a girl on her bus, and Rose #1 looked  really quite mad.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said "No one messes with my sister."  Then they hugged.

I bet if at that minute I told them they had to share a birthday party next year, Rose #1 would have called up the bully to give her the exact location of Rose #2's bed and a convenient time for her to visit.  Oh well...

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