Sunday, May 10, 2009

Soccer, and Mother's Day

This year both Rose #1 and Rose #2 are playing soccer.   Blackhawk Soccer is a good organization - more organized than community ed, but still all about having fun, learning the sport, and being team players.  Rose #2 played soccer for the very first time on Saturday!  Here she is trying to keep up with the action.

Rose #2 is the veteran of community ed soccer and Blackhawk soccer last summer.   I LOVE this shot.  Isn't it so cute - the little boy with his sunglasses on his nose, and Rose #1 with her foot perched nonchalantly on the soccer ball.  
I had a lovely mother's day.  I got flowers from the girls (to plant in our planters on the deck) and a nap this afternoon with Rose #3 who was a total basketcase.  We had a picnic at Aunt Boo's house for lunch and Ahma and Ahgong came over for dinner.  

Tomorrow:  Back to reality.

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