Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Birthdays Begin

Rose #1's birthday is on Saturday.  All of our birthdays are within a 6-week period:  Rose #1, then H, then me, then Rose #2, then Rose #3.  Rose #2 has it the hardest.  She is jealous, jealous, jealous of Rose #1.  Rose #1 does not remember that in a few short weeks it will be Rose #2's time in the spotlight- so Rose #1 doesn't share, isn't nice to Rose #2, and it is hard.

H and his brother are twins, so he never experienced birthday envy as a child.  I remember terrible wailing and gnashing of teeth, such that my parents bought us "sibling gifts."  Anything to get the poor sad birthday kid his or her 30 seconds in the spotlight.

I can kind of relate.  We have a big weekend coming up, with birthday celebrations over two days.  I hope Rose #2 can keep it together.

(By the way, Rose #1's party is going to be quite exciting and innovative.  A homemade Death Star pinata!  Really cool ideas for each kid to have a Star Wars persona!  Wait, do 7-year-olds know the word "persona"?)

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Anonymous said...

Lightsabers for whacking sticks? LOL