Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rose #2's Spring Conference

Rose #2 is a social butterfly, who is just respectful enough of her teacher to avoid trouble. She is SO close to reading, but she struggles with sounding out letters. She is very visual and can memorize things, do puzzles, tangrams, and manipulate numbers and shapes.

Could she be any different than Rose #1? It is always a struggle not to compare them. It is so interesting to me that Rose #2 is so good spatially and with math, and Rose #1 is so verbal.

Rose #2's teacher said that she is just waiting for Rose #3 to come along..heard she is a real spitfire! Hmmm. Rose #3's reputation precedes her...

Thank you to Uncle Eli for babysitting tonight so H and I could go to conferences. We really appreciate it.

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