Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything starts with "G"!

Rose #3 thinks many words start with "G":

"Mommy, my fingers gicky."  (sticky)
"Mommy, I go Garget too?"  (Target)
"Mommy, you gick me out?"  (kick)  (I teasingly said that if she wasn't so cute we would have to kick her out because of all the trouble she causes...unfortunately that level of irony (sarcasm?) is lost on a 2-year-old.  In my defense I was giving her a big fat hug and kiss at the same time.)
"La la la la I am not listening to you."  (No translation needed - I was singing "Tomorrow" from Annie at the top of my lungs in the car at the time.)

I have a .wav file of Rose #1 saying "I press the button."  She was about 1 years old at the time and it seems so long ago now.  She sounds so young!  I have to get a voice recording of Rose #3 and her funny mixed-up letters.

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