Saturday, April 4, 2009

MOA, Wish We Didn't Visit You

Yuck.  Kind of a crummy day, and it's Saturday and everything.  It started out OK - I got up early to exercise (yay!) and grocery shop.  But then we were planning a trip to Mall of America to return an item that Rose #1 bought which did not work and to get Baby Kate's first birthday present.  Neither of these things happened.

One:  We couldn't find the item Rose #1 was supposed to return, until about 2 hours after we arrived home.  We don't have infinite amounts of free time in our family, so having our errand hijacked is very, very annoying.

Two:  I could not find the gift I wanted to get for baby Kate at the mall.  At the largest indoor mall in the United States of America.  (I think there is a bigger indoor mall in Canada, which is the only one standing between us and WORLD least as far as shopping malls are concerned.)  

And Three:  The Roses were just atrociously behaved.  Really.  We didn't want to get a large number of points for the rides at MOA - they are just too expensive - and you never have exactly the right number of points for everyone to get to go on every ride that they want.  So, Rose #2 very graciously said that she would not ride the carousel at the end of the morning, and Rose #1 went instead.  Then Rose #1 felt guilty, and started crying.   Rose #3 was playing with her chocolate milk at lunch and sprayed it all over me through her straw.  The icing on the cake was Rose #1's behavior when Rose #2 went to spend her $20 from Grandpa Pete at the Lego store, which is actually where we were going to return the watch Rose #1 bought earlier this week.  Rose #1 was just so mad at Rose #2 for actually having the gall to buy herself a toy with the same amount of money that Rose #1 also received from Grandpa Pete.  She was growling, and threatening to punch Rose #2.  I get it - jealousy is hard, hard, hard for kids to process - but working it all through in the middle of MOA is not your best bet.

Bottom Line:  Nice spring weather can't come soon enough.  We need to get outside for some serious playtime.  Enough of this cabin fever...

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