Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh Yes It's Wednesday Night, and The Feelin's Right

So, we are getting through these Ladies Nights one at a time.

The new rule in our house:  30 minutes of TV time per day.  My amendment to the rule, introduced today:  30 minutes of SCREEN time per day.  When I got home, the Roses were playing a game on, so they had blown through most of their screen time.  They played a little bit more computer before dinner, and then all screens were OFF.

And, what do you know - Rose #1 and Rose #2 played with these little rubber salamanders that our nanny Cynthia brought for April Fool's Day jokes.  They set up a house for them, made a swimming pool, made beds for them out of Kleenex, and had a great time babysitting their toys.  I know it is naive to think that every day will be this easy, but it was great.  Rose #3 and I looked at pictures of her and her sisters when she was a BRAND new baby and we read stories. It was a much nicer evening than others we have had, and bedtime is (relatively) earlier than usual.  

I really notice a behavior difference between the Roses who have to be pried away from the TV to brush their teeth and read a story, and the Roses that play together with toys using their imagination.  I prefer the latter any day.

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