Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Big Musical - Part 2

Here are the Roses at the musical!  

Rose #3 unfortunately was getting 1,000,000 drinks of water, and her shirt got wet.  So, she took it off, and Rose #2 took a quick photo.  Doesn't Rose #3 look like an urchin with her sticky outy hair and her shirtless state?

And here's the photographer.  I am so proud of Rose #2 - and this is unrelated to the musical - she rode her bike without training wheels today for the first time!
And the star herself.  It was hard to get a good action shot because she was so far up and the lighting was bad.  This was after the dance.
If you carefully look here you can see Rose #1 in the bleachers at the beginning of the show, second from the left in the first row.  She LOVED being in the show.  

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