Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Jungle Musical - Part 1

Thursday night was the first grade musical at Rose #1's school - "It's a Jungle Out there." Rose #1 was a LION DANCER.   She had QUITE a fan club there, too.

Baby Kate was there, and in fact, she is not such a baby any more.  She is 1 year old!  And, she is very happy on her daddy's lap.  Isn't she SO cute?

This was a motley group.  Aunt Boo, Aunt Tonya, and Cousin Sam, mugging for Rose #2, who was very jealous of all the attention being paid to Rose #1.  So I set her loose with the camera.  
Here is Aunt Boo and me  :-)
Here is Uncle Bill who was quite kind to come even though Aunt Missy wasn't feeling well:
And last but not least - Uncle Jason:
The next post will include photos of the Lion Dancer herself!

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