Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warm Spring Evening

After dinner tonight I was trying to convince Rose #1 to read a book or play with her sisters when she said, "Mom, I want to do something more active!" Plus, it was about 75 degrees (here! in Minnesota!) so we went for a bike ride/scooter ride/walk.   The Roses all put on their I heart NY shirts, and we were off.  Here is Rose #1 on her bike, which is nearly too short for her:

And Rose #2.  She insists on wearing her roasting hot ski helmet.  She is quite, quite proficient on her two wheeler!  It only took a few days.  Good job, Rose #2.
And Rose #3 on the princess scooter.  She put on a helmet about 2 minutes after this picture was taken, by the way, and then did not take the helmet off for the rest of the night.  She had very sweaty hair by the end of the evening!
We went to a neighbor's house - they have three kids too, and they were out scootering and playing.  It was a lovely night (until we got home, had shower, and discovered that Rose #1 had not done her homework.  Whoops).

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