Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter's Coming...Time for Eggs!!

Today was the annual egg coloring party with Guppy!   A few hardboiled eggs (OK, 17) and we were good to go.  Rose #2 (I am pretending you can't see her name from her homemade nametag at church today) LOVED the part where you move the eggs around from color to color.  She loved the whole thing.  Her fingers were all green and gold and a disturbing looking brown afterwards.

I forget what Rose #1 was saying to me, but H shot this very nice picture of us.  Rose #1 also liked the egg dyeing, perhaps a tiny bit less than Rose #2.
And Guppy is always up for a good session of coloring eggs.  She was working on the permanent (i.e., blew out the insides through a small hole) eggs.  She made one for each Rose.  (Rose #3 was CONKED OUT for a 3-hour nap during this eggstravaganza...sorry, I couldn't resist the pun...)
And a very cute one of Rose #1 and Rose #2, and my long green arm.  
I love coloring eggs, or more accurately, setting up the whole business so the Roses can do it.  Next year Rose #3 will almost be old enough, and she likely will have outgrown her nap!

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