Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip to New York!

Well, Guppy and I went to New York over the weekend! We had a momentous trip.  We arrived on Saturday morning and went directly to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  In the rain.  You can see the umbrella in this shot.  (By the way, I did not know that Korea had a Renaissance, but why should this be surprising?)

We paused in the sculpture garden for a few moments.  This is a sculpture of a guy in Dante's Inferno who was starving to death (can't tell from his muscles) and was given two small children to eat (!!!).  His anguish is because he can't decide whether to eat them.
After the Met we went to Times Square to stand in the ticket line.   We got tickets to Blithe Spirit, starring very famous actors like Angela Lansbury and Rupert Everett.  It was very, very neat.  The women in front of us (visible at the bottom of the shot) were German and smoked many, many cigarettes.  (Yuck.)
On Sunday morning we took the subway to All Souls Unitarian Church for Easter services.  Here is Guppy riding the subway escalator.
And here is Guppy in front of All Souls.  It is on the upper East Side and was a gorgeous church.  Fabulous music and very, very nice people.  Other than at church no one in New York City really talked to us.  Humph.  They should all come to the Twin Cities (in shifts, I think) for a lesson in being polite.
After church we rode the subway down to lower Manhattan and got tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  We were kind of late so we could only see one.  We did not stop at the Statue of Liberty but I did take this excellent photo.
And this is the ferry as we were boarding to go back after Ellis Island.
We had a great trip.  I missed my girls but I was really glad I went.  Also glad to come home!  Rose #3 said "No more go bye bye with Guppy to New York, OK Mommy?"

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