Monday, March 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

Yesterday after being inside for, well, most of the weekend, we ventured out.   Here is a picture of the Rose triumvirate on the back of my car in the front yard.  Yes, we have a carport in our front yard.  I hate the carport and want to have the cement removed this summer.  I want to put a rain garden in instead!

We will see if this actually happens.  But anyway, here are the Roses:
We also had a very large elm tree in our front yard - on the boulevard actually - but it had dutch elm disease, and the city cut it down last week.  The Roses took this opportunity to post on the extremely large stump, which is all that remains of that once-majestic tree:
I think we are going to turn over a bit of a new leaf at our house.  There is entirely too much TV watching going on.  Rose #1 is just FOUL tempered after watching TV for more than 30 minutes, and so I have a new rule - 30 minutes of TV time per day!  Tonight after MND we read books and the Roses took pictures with my camera.  This is vastly superior, IMHO, to wrestling them away bodily from the television.

I want my girls to grow up to be writers and readers.  This will not happen if they are drooling in front of Disney channel every day, for hours on end.

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