Sunday, March 1, 2009

A lazy Sunday evening...

Here is a very important person in the house of the Roses - their daddy.  He was laughing about the cowbell sketch on Saturday Night Live, that we saw as we were changing channels tonight:

Here is Rose #1.  You should see her mouth these days.  Her top right tooth is loose, and it is migrating away from her other teeth.  She has big gaps in her smile lately!
The other Roses in their nightgowns.  Rose #3 won't wear ANYTHING besides "dressies" these days.  She has changed her dress three times today.  To church she wore a pink fluffy dress with a long sleeve shirt over it.  Sigh.  Rose #2 will flex on her outfits.  Here she is wearing a hand me down Care Bears nightgown:
We had a good day today.  We got up, had breakfast, went to church, had lunch, took a nap (me and Rose #3 - OK, I admit it!  I took a nap!!  Are you Happy Now?), then brought dinners to our friends who live in Oak Park Heights.  They have recently had a rough time with health issues, so we wanted to help with dinners.  Tonight for dinner we had baked potato bar.  Yum!!

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