Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ladies' Night #5

Another Wednesday night has come to pass, and the Roses and I are having a fine ladies' night. I had a splitting headache after work, the kind that not only gives you pain in the head but also nausea. So, we hurried through dinner and now we are doing crafts reading chapter books watching a movie.

True to form, I took a few shots to show how we are all getting along just fine here at Ladies' Night.  Rose #1 has been pretty happy and smiley lately.  I worry about her, more than the others, about getting along with her school friends.   But things seem to be going OK.

Rose #2 is always smiley looking.  She is back to school this week and it is GOOD.  She needed to get back to a routine.
Rose #3 is a whirlwind of development.  The other day she asked me if I remembered the time we went shopping together (she named the store!).  It was about 4 weeks ago and she was very tired and cranky when we got there.  I can't believe she remembers it!
We are really, really looking forward to the Roses photo session at Grace Park Photography.  It is a week from Saturday and we are getting ready.  Next Tuesday the Roses have a haircut scheduled with Aunt Boo (Aunt Boo, if you are reading this, I scheduled them today!).  And, we have to get outfits that everyone will wear.  That's a challenge in and of itself!

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