Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Night Dance

Tonight was the 1st - 3rd grade dance at Rose #1's school. Wow, was it ever a madhouse. Tons of kids running around, super loud music, and lots and lots of grownups. So many, in fact, that they ran out of food! We had hungry crabby kids on our hands who were torn between staying because it was really fun (for the kids, that is) and leaving because they were hungry.

That was fun.

I keep hoping to make a connection at Rose #1's school with another family, to have a family that we can be close friends with. So far it hasn't happened. I have tried in other contexts - preschool, church, etc. - and I always feel like we are the odd people out. I had that same feeling tonight, like many people knew each other, and they were coming from the pre-party or going to the after-party. I know that's ridiculous and left over from junior high, but I can't shake the feeling.

Each Rose got a new shirt from Rose #1's school, and we ended up at the drive through at McD's (not me - I can't STAND McD's) so they could eat before falling into bed. They are all pretty much sacked out, and H and I are hoping to watch at least some of Knocked Up.

Oh yes, by the way, there is another movie I am going to be getting as soon as it comes out. Not long now!

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