Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ladies Night, Or Isn't the Semester Over Yet?

Rose #1 has the dangliest, loosest tooth you ever saw, but she won't let me pull it out:

And, Rose #2 was really cheerful after she brushed her teeth tonight (don't you just love our fish shower curtain? what?  you can't see it?  don't worry, it is just as tacky as you might expect a fish shower curtain to be).

I wanted a straight up cute, smiley shot of Rose #3 in her very, very cute flower print shirt from Old Navy (handed down twice - from Rose #1 to Rose #2 and finally to Rose #3, then will make its inexorable way to baby Kate).  But she just had to HAM IT UP:

We had a lovely ladies night.  We had dinner, then did Rose #1's homework, then went to Target.  I bet you did not know that if you have one child sitting in the merchandise area of the cart at Target and two children on the end, the cart will in fact flip over, landing both of the children on the end on the floor, and the other child whimpering miserably in the overturned cart.

Poor Rose #1 got her leg hurt, and Rose #2, the whimperer, helped me pick up the contents of my wallet, which I managed to scatter across the aisle while scrambling to get the cart righted.

New rule:  No One Ever Rides On The Edge Of The Cart.  Ever. Again.

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