Monday, March 9, 2009

My little Rose #3:

This was after dinner tonight.  Rose #3 is wearing her Gabriella dress, and when she puts her hair behind her ears, she always says with satisfaction:  "I'm Gabriella now!"

(Gabriella being the lead female character in the High School Musical saga, of course.)

As a brief aside, it is sometimes disconcerting to not resemble my children at all.  Especially when they were younger, people used to ask me where I adopted them from (A very exotic country called "My Uterus," I was always too chicken to say).  They each have a little something of me in them, but there really should be ZERO doubt about who is their father:

I think Rose #3 was maybe 2 days old in this picture.   Our sweet little bunny.

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Jill said...

Isn't Josie just the cutest! Look at her as a baby, I can remember her when she was just a snuggly baby. I miss her and the other Roses so much. I am excited to see them on Saturday morning. See you all then!