Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How long do you let them stay sick before you go to the CDC?

"Them."  Well, "us."  We have ALL been sick.  Hacking away like dogs in a kennel - Rose #1 calls it kennel cough.  I have it, H has it, and Rose #2 really has it.  Rose #1 is mainly better, thankfully, and Rose #3 goes back and forth.  Poor Rose #2.  She is such a little wan looking thing with this kennel cough disease.  I think it is just a cold or a virus or something.  At least I hope that is true.

Rose #1's conference is Thursday night.  I always look forward to school conferences.  We got her report card in advance, and she is doing well in reading and math.  Her writing needs some work - she tends to rush a bit - but overall I am SO PROUD of her.

Rose #2 was watching a movie tonight after dinner.  We usually play movies with the subtitles on, and she picked out the word "now" from the screen.  She spelled it out and asked if that was how you spell "now."  She is SO CLOSE to reading.  She needs the push from school - they have a great program called Accelerated Readers that really pushed Rose #1.  

Rose #3 is...well, you know.  She's Rose #3.  We are super excited for her preschool.  I talked to the preschool program director and she confirmed (thankfully) that potty training is NOT a prerequisite for preschool.  Tonight after she was done with her farm puzzle she VOLUNTARILY and WITHOUT PROMPTING put the pieces away.  That's progress!

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