Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ladies' Night...Lost Count

I can't believe it, I forgot my camera.  Tonight of all nights!

The first item on our long Wednesday night agenda was a stop at Aunt Boo's new salon.  The Roses have a photo shoot scheduled on Saturday, and they needed to be freshly shorn.  Aunt Boo gave them the full treatment - Rose #3 was very cute perched in Aunt Boo's chair with her cape and her wet hair.  (I am specifically not telling you about how Rose #3 was poised to climb one of the shelves in the new salon before I stopped her at the last minute, or about the, well, "delighted" looks on the faces of the other patrons as we entered the salon.  I tried to keep the Roses under control, I really did!)  Very nice new hairdos they all have.  Thanks for letting us come down at the last minute Aunt Boo!

By the way, Aunt Boo:  I think you are wrong about Zac and Vanessa.  :-)

Then we went to McDonald's just down the road.  Oh. My. Goodness.  That place is gross!  It is just filthy.  It has a playland (which is why the Roses wanted to go there, of course) and although I am not normally a germaphobe I made each Rose take a shower as soon as we got home.  BLECKY.  Never again.

After we got home it came to light that Rose #1 had not in fact yet done her homework, so we scrambled to get math and moon observation done before I packed everyone off to bed.  There are just not enough hours in the day, even when you are only 6 years old, I guess.

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