Sunday, May 23, 2010

Celebrating Birthdays!

Today we celebrated May birthdays with the Roses' grandparents. We went to a dim sum buffet that had wonderful lions in front. Here's Rose #2 - if you look really carefully you can see that her bottom left front tooth fell out yesterday (there will be no post about the tooth fairy getting caught in TRAFFIC last night):

And Rose #1, who looks just like her daddy, and who refused to eat at the restaurant (even though we asked repeatedly about nuts). Sigh. She also looks sort of like the lion, no?

And Rose #3, whose birthday we did not celebrate today. That's OK, her birthday isn't until June. Anyway, she had new lip gloss (can you tell - her whole face was dewy with it!). We had to remind her repeatedly this weekend that it is LIP gloss, not TOE gloss or WINDOW gloss. I got it for her in the $1 section at Target and as soon as we paid for it, she whipped it open and started expertly applying it. I was surprised - said, "Where did you learn how to put on lip gloss?"

She tipped me an expert look and said, "Remember, GUPPY had lip gloss and she always gave me some."
That's true. Isn't it funny, what we remember? I totally forgot that Guppy had lip gloss and shared it with Josie, but that is an item that loomed large in her little world. Now that she reminded me of it, of course I remember.

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kate hopper said...

Happy birthday!

And I love the sparkly, lip-glossed face. Zoe did the same the other day (though I hadn't really given her permission; she just gets her hands on everything.)