Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Cute Girls

Our nanny went back to college last week, but before she left, she took the Roses out for dinner (which meant, by the way, that H and I got to go rollerblading by the Mississippi river!). This is a picture of the Roses from her camera:

And, the inevitable funny faces picture:

We have started a new tradition of saying our memories about Guppy right before bed. Tonight we remembered mini golfing with Guppy (Guppy wanted to win!), a trip to a park where Guppy caught the Roses as they went down the twirly slide, and an occasion where Guppy had to shake Rose #1 awake in the car after they arrived home from picking Rose #1 up from kindergarten.

My memory about Guppy is that she disliked men with "needy chests." (I have noticed that as a result of Guppy's memorial service, everyone is talking about her like she was perfect and a saint. While I would do almost anything to have her back and healthy and with us, she was certainly not perfect! I want to remember her how she was, warts and all. That's what made her human and made her our own unique Guppy.)


Lisa Webster said...

Rose #2 told me about your new bedtime ritual today. What a great idea! You are such a great mom!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by your wonderful blog. May I ask, what is a needy chest? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello to the three roses and their parents!