Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Great Puppet Show

On Friday after work, what do you think was waiting for me but the most fabulous puppet show ever? Here's the cover of my very own program:

And the cast list (note the space on the right side for "actors signatiors":

And here was the sign that was held up by Rose #2 at the beginning ("The puppet*show*with*all kinds of *puppets!):

Rose #3 couldn't help but pop up in the middle with her puppets:

And Rose #2 emerged at the end:

My niece Beatrice was with us last week, so she was able to fully participate in the creative endeavor that was the puppet show:

And Rose #1, who wrote the script and played the two major parts (her sisters and cousin were relegated to playing the supporting roles - all of them - the supporting roles were comprised in their entirety of a school of fish):

I guess that playing all the good roles is the prerogative of the composing artist. I LOVE the puppet show. Great job everyone! (Everyone includes, by the way, our wonderful nanny Lauren who has an infinite amount of patience and charm and grace and did I say patience?)

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