Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rose #2

So, I am not the best photographer (as you can see, the composition of this shot is weird: Chocolate Chip Cake! Waterlogged Water Balloons! Sobbing Rose #3! Daddy Putting Shoes on Sobbing Rose #3!), but here is the action shot of Rose #2 blowing out her 6-year-old birthday cake candles:

And here she is smiling and raising her hand up - Power to the Six-Year-Old People!
And here she is, the obligatory shot of my sweet darling baby when she was just a teeny little thing. She was such a lovey little baby; she loved to cuddle and nurse and smile. I think I worked the hardest to get her - she was the only one of our babies that wasn't conceived instantly and she was the only one I managed to give birth to without ANY drugs whatsoever. She was worth all that work, and all the work that we have put in to get her to age 6.

I love you so much, Rose #2, with your freckly cheeks and your wide gray eyes and your sweet smile and everything.

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