Tuesday, July 27, 2010

867-5309 DANCE-Y!

It was a dark and stormy night, so - we had a dance party! Seriously, the Roses got MP3 players (NOT IPODs) last Christmas from their Guppy. Not being especially musically inclined, Guppy outsourced the job of putting music on the MP3 players to Uncle Candle. He included some very fine tunes, including "867-5309 Jenny." That's what we were singing and dancing to! Rose #1 was the lead singer (of course):

Besides being topless. Rose #2 was very soulful. She was thinking about Tommy Tutone's emotional distress about Jenny, clearly.
And Rose #3, after STOMPING on my bare foot with her high silver heels (dress up play clothes for her fourth birthday, people!) was twirling quite a bit.

Rose #1 approached me the other day and asked me very seriously if I had ever heard of a song called 867-5309. Oh, honey, have I ever. It was 1982. I was in junior high. Those were the (extremely nerdy, emotionally distraught, acne-ridden, Adam-Ant-Goody-Two-Shoes) days.

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