Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Ice Cream

So there's this really yummy ice cream place close to our house. It is kind of spendy, so we don't go often. Round about 2:30 p.m. I got a hankering for an ice cream cone - the cone itself, really (they put Whoppers at the bottom!) - so we made plans to go to GOC tonight.

Rose #1 is still having some problems with eating food prepared by other people (given her nut allergy issues), so she didn't actually order a cone. Don't worry, she had ice cream at home after we returned. Anyway, she was my assistant photographer tonight. She started with a fabulous self-portait:

I love the look on Rose #2's face as she is getting ready to eat a bite of Cotton Candy ice cream...
And Rose #3 is still at the age where I have to lick around her cone so it doesn't end up melting all over her hands. Darn.

Here we are together, me and Rose #3. And a random dude in a yellow polo shirt just behind me.
As we finished our ice cream, Rose #1 helpfully documented the current time:

And then it was time to come home. Rose #2 lost both her top front teeth about a week ago, within a span of two days. I have been meaning to get a photo so we have it preserved for posterity, and tonight after her shower I finally did that!

I am just bound and determined to have a good weekend. Started out fine, with my ice cream outing with my lovely family.

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