Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catching All Four Of You Up!

It's been a struggle to get motivated to post. Posting is like exercise sometimes - you are always happy after you've done it, but you are totally undermotivated to start.

Ahem. Self-justification over. A couple of weekends ago we were invited to a wedding reception at the new Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins! I am quite possibly the least baseball oriented person in the universe, but even I was impressed with the facility:
We got to go on a special tour of the stadium, including to the visitors' clubhouse. They have their very own indoor batting practice cubbyhole! Here's Rose #1 pretending to bat.

We had very strict instructions from the tour guide not to touch ANYTHING in the visitors locker room. Tour guide: "Don't even sit on the chairs." Well, here I am not sitting on any chairs:

The neatest part of the whole tour was how we got to go into the visitors dugout. Here's Poppy looking spiffy in turquoise blue, with the Roses and Sam and Maddie. Rose #2 looks so sweet to me in this picture, like she is just having a fun summer night with her family, hopefully without a care in her 6-year-old world:
And what would a wedding reception be without a dance? I am never too shy to dance. Here's Rose #3, her cousin Maddie, and me:
Target Field: Really neat place for wedding reception! Thanks K.B. for inviting us!

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Lisa Webster said...

Thanks for the update! Maybe you'll inspire me to update my blog!

BTW...after seeing you at Famous Dave's last week, Rose #2 comes into class the next morning and says "I never want to leave Kindergarten." So, can she stay? :)