Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Snowin'

No easing into winter this's November 13 and we have a sudden 6" of snow. Just to show that it could, the City of St. Paul declared a snow emergency. Why do I always feel the need to get out and shovel before the snowstorm is over? We don't know why. But we do know that for sure when we wake up tomorrow morning, the plows will have deposited a crusty 12" ridge of snow at the bottom of the driveway.

But I digress. We invited a neighborhood friend for a snowball fight, which ended up being a snowman build. Here's Rose #3 and her friend rolling the bottom of the third snowman:

And Rose #1, with hair down and wet and stringy in her face. We don't care. She's cute anyway. We're going to keep her:
Rose #2 definitely got into snowman building. She wanted her snowman to reflect her true bodily stature, so she had to roll the middle through quite a bit of snow so it would be tall:

Here's the snowman representing Rose #1:

And the finished Rose #2 and #3. I'll bet you can't guess what we used for hair. I'll give you a hint: we won't be reusing the Halloween spiderweb stuff from Target next year.

A good snow day was had by all. The first snow is so wonderful and exciting - I can't help but wish that the sense of wonder and excitement would persist for the next six month...

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