Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rocky Evening Experience

Random notes from an evening:

1. I did not buy a pocket knife for my 8-year-old. We had a Halloween party, someone left it, and she picked it up. She is never, ever permitted to bring it to school (as in, would be suspended if she did) and really isn't permitted to actually play with it at home. This reduces her to wearing it around her neck for 5 minutes before bedtime while reading her High School Musical 3 "novel." (We are scraping the bottom of the reading barrel around here. Note to Self: Need to get to library on Saturday morning.)

2. Rose #2 quietly spirited away all the Halloween candy that was left over from trick or treating at our house and incorporated it into her stash. You can see her candy bag on the table in the background. I think she thought I didn't know what she was doing. I remember having similar thoughts - like the grownups just had no idea what I was up to - when I was a kid. But I know, Rose #2. I saw you dump about 50 pieces of Halloween candy into your stash. I'm on to you...

3. There are no pictures of Rose #3 tonight. You just know you are in big trouble when Rose #3 falls asleep at 6:28 on a kitchen chair. Whoo boy. I couldn't rouse her for dinner or anything, and she stayed asleep until about 8:40 when her daddy was bringing her up for bed, at which point she woke up and totally fell apart. Bad news. Somehow I got her into the shower and got her to eat some princess soup (i.e., spaghettios!) before pouring her sad self back into bed. Pictures of her tomorrow!

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