Friday, December 23, 2011

If It's December 23rd...

It must be the Christmas pageant rehearsal at church! I remember in years past feeling like I had just barely been able to escape work. One year I even met Aunt Brenna at the door at Unity; she had been nannying for us for the week and the end of her week was delivering the girls to the pageant rehearsal.  I remember she looked distinctly relieved when I finally showed up!

Anyway, this year we have Rose #3 as a Heavenly Host (if you look very carefully you will see that she has candy cane tattoos on her neck):

We also have a repeat appearance as a King's Page.  Rose #2 is a page to the Green King this time (last year she was purple):

Rose #1 is in the Children's Choir.  No photos of her today since the choir doesn't have to come to pageant rehearsal.  Such is the passage of time that Rose #1 stayed home during the rehearsal, most of the time with H but also part of the time alone while he ran errands.  I remember when Rose #1 was one of the cherubs, a 4-year-old with her Guppy sitting proudly in the pews at the 5:30 service.  Sigh.

This year I am not the parent chaperone in the Heavenly Host room at the 4:00 service.  I am the parent chaperone with the children's choir at the 4:00 service.  I am OK with change, truly I am.  As we were waiting for the group photo of the pageant case I heard Rob, our minister, describing to someone how one year he changed the script of the pageant at the very end.  There is a little bit of a prayer at the end, and the final words are "The Work Of Our Hands, Establish Thou It."  Rob changed it to, "The Work Of Our Hands, Establish Thou The Work of Our Hands."  This caused much angst - you just don't change the pageant.  I guess sometimes you have to change the room in which you are the parent chaperone, though.

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