Monday, December 19, 2011

Rose #3 and I Went Shopping

Sometimes you just have to take your girly girl shopping for a new Christmas dress...

As we were trying on all 5 candidates in the dressing room, I got the idea to show Rose #3 what she looked like in each of the dresses!  And then I had a memory of watching the movie Clueless where Cher takes Polaroids of herself each of her outfit concepts to see how they look.  A star was born (in purple):
This one was my favorite (since it is a Christmas dress, after all, and it came WITH the cardigan):
I like the little cap sleeves on this one:
This was Rose #3's pick...can you tell from the way her eyes cut to the side in a flirtatious manner?
In the end, we compromised on this one, and somehow this is the picture that ended up looking the blurriest.  A pity, but cute even though blurryish: On one hand, Rose #3 really doesn't need any more dresses. She has a number of very cute ones in her closet. On the other hand, it is very nice to be able to get a new dress at Christmastime. We are lucky that we can do that.

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