Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Warmth

Things have been cold, cold, cold and snowy here in Minnesota, up until a few days ago. Here are some fabulous things about the first 60 degree day in the springtime:

  1. Kick children out of the house to the backyard (figuratively, of course; they can always come back in for a sleeve of cinnamon graham crackers or a large drink of water)
  2. Sweep tons of sand off the deck and the kitchen floor. Tip the dustpan full of sand off the side of the deck; surely the hostas (when they grow back) won't mind.
  3. Go to grocery store only in long sleeved white hoodie, rather than in large puffy parka and red mittens that are unraveling.
  4. Start planning garden. Dream again about a raised bed for vegetables, and remember again that the problem is that the raised bed would have to be smack dab in the middle of the backyard, where surely it would be tripped on and trampled by some of the same children that were kicked out of the house.
  5. Visualize in mind's eye garage, cleaned out for garage sale. Items carefully lined up and organized and lots of buyers taking away the kids' toys we so desperately need to be done with. That annoying plastic lawnmower that makes the loud popping noises. The 18 million plastic electronic toys (which if I put new batteries in I bet would fetch a decent price). Even the Hello Kitty camping chair has to go.
  6. Resign self to nightly baths again, for children (not for me; I actually do bathe daily year round). When time runs out for these baths on the first day they are needed (bad predictor for full summer), pretend not to see streaks of dirt on 3-year-old's legs.
Enjoy spring.

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