Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Tuesday Night

So tonight is the last night of rec center basketball. After H and Rose #1 left for the warmup period, Rose #3 set up an elaborate picnic with paper plates and Disney princess cards in the living room. I stopped by for a ham (!) and watercress sandwich, a lemon crumpet, and a brownie.

Rose #2 made a picture for me on the blackboard in the kitchen. The boxes say "Love" and on the top of each box, she wrote "Mom."

After the picnic and the chalkboard drawing, Rose #2 and #3 and I went over to watch the basketball game! The game was short since tonight was the last night. Each kid who played got a new baksetball - here is Rose #1 posing with her teammate and our neighbor Sophia:

And last but certainly not least, dear readers, H and I posed for a photo in the gym. H bought himself a coach whistle for his one-night stint as the coach of Team Illinois. Isn't he cute?

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