Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Baby Duncan Got A Quilt

After my mom died and I made sure I got her leftover fabric and other sewing supplies, I became the person in charge of making sure that each new baby in our family gets a quilt.

May I say that it is a very, very, very good thing that my cousin's wife in California is a quilter? Although I coordinate the distribution of fabric and collect up everyone's completed squares, she works the real magic of putting all the squares together.

Last Monday night was the night that we officially welcomed Duncan into the family, and his quilt was ready for him! The 4 squares in the corner were sewn by Guppy before she died. The other squares were contributed by me, Heidi, Tonya, Brenna, Charity, Charity (yes, TWO Charities!), Missy, Jean, Karen, Ginny, Abby, Polly, and Cynthia.

And most of all, Jill put the squares together and sewed everything and made it look wonderful! Thank you all for working on the quilt.


tiggertam said...

My mom drove all the way up to Chino Hills to help put all the squares together :D.

Lisa Webster said...

It's beautiful! What a special gift for Baby Duncan! :)