Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Went Out For Dinner

Last weekend we went out for dinner, because the weekend before that, Rose #2 asked if we could. I make menus by the week (this is a necessity, really, with two full-time working parents) and so we had to slot in the restaurant outing for last weekend. We also held the outing out as a reward for good behavior.

I like going out for dinner. I don't have to cook. It is an infrequent event for our family, so I get to do things like let the girls have a milkshake!! Here's Rose #2 intently sipping her chocolate milkshake. She had it for dessert. ONLY AFTER she finished her chicken tenders and french fries. I do have some standards.

Rose #3 got a strawberry milkshake. Ooooh, she loved it. Almost as much as she loved 1) going to the bathroom there (3 times), 2) eating french fries off my plate (which I encouraged as I am still pathetically counting calories, and so the fewer french fries left for me, the better. Why didn't I ask them to substitute fresh fruit? Next time), and 3) coloring her kid menu.
Rose #1 was there but not in a photogenic mood. She will be happier at the state fair, which is this coming weekend. I haven't told her yet, but I am planning to get her one of those MPR t-shirts that says "It's 7:01 And the News Is Next." I love it that we're raising an MPR geek.

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Lisa Webster said...

Looks like a fabulous family dinner! :) Hope you are all doing well!

Rose #3 - Awesome coloring on the kid menu!

Rose #2 - Good idea to go out for dinner! Are you ready for 2nd grade?

Rose #1 - I missed seeing your sweet face in this blog entry! Next time, hopefully!

When are you going to the fair? I'm going tonight with John, tomorrow during the day with a friend and bringing Addison on Saturday morning! Would LOVE to run into you!