Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rose #2 got her ears pierced too!

Rose #2 was quite brave when she got her ears pierced. This is the girl who one time wedged herself between a doctor's office examining table and the wall because she didn't want a flu shot. She hopped right up into the chair and only squirmed a little while the young woman who pierced ears today at Claire's got ready for us.

I love this picture. This was Rose #2's second ear and so she knew what to expect. She only cried a teeny bit after the first ear and then she was fine.
Here she is all done, taking a quiet moment to breathe. Really, about 15 minutes after the ear piercing operation, her ear lobes weren't even red anymore.
And here's my smiley sweet girl.
I was so happy to bring them for ear piercing today. I just wish that Guppy was here. Why? Guppy wouldn't have wanted to go to Rosedale for an ear piercing expedition. Mostly just because things don't really seem like they have happened to me if I can't tell my mom about it. Stupid cancer and death.

(Nice how a lovely post about a beautiful rite of girlhood passage turns into an observation about death. Sigh.)

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