Sunday, August 14, 2011

And One More Rose Got Some Ears Pierced

Rose #1 has a very expressive face. You can see how she went from nervous:

To unhappy:
To scared-ish:
To exceptionally pleased with herself (and very, very cute to boot):
Even though Rose #1 has technically been eligible for ear piercing for 2 years now, she told me this afternoon that she didn't want to go all alone, so she waited for Rose #2 to be ready. I thought that was so sweet. I always hope that my girls will be friends in addition to being sisters. I still hope that. I hope that they will remember back to days like this and feel really good about them.

I loved this day. I loved going as a family for a big adventure (OK, relatively big, compared to, say, climbing Mt. Everest) and feeling so happy that it turned out well. My memories of having my ears pierced are weird - my mom brought us to a doctor's office only after I demanded that since I was in second grade, I was old enough to handle the responsibility of earrings. I hope we made a different memory for our girls today.

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Ellie said...

dont i look sooooooooooooo good