Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Night Cuties

Rose #1 LOVES Kung Fu Panda. Mainly so she can do kung fu herself. SeeExhibit 1, below:
Rose #2 was just smiley. Slightly out of focus, but very smiley.
Rose #3 has ketchup on her face. (We had turkey burgers for dinner and I haven't washed her face yet.) But isn't she cute? She's a stinkpants, but a cute one. Sometimes she calls me "Mommy Tinkpants."

And, a shot of them watching the movie. The only movie we ever watch anymore - Kung Fu Panda.

I love spending Friday night with my girls.
We are having two big parties this weekend - one for Little Fins, the limb difference group we belong to for Rose #1 - and the other for BECHAMP family Christmas. We had the house cleaned on Thursday (by a group of professional cleaners) and the house looks GOOD.

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