Monday, December 1, 2008

gsw87sf7w9fd67fw67 (Or, Title As Typed By A 4-Year-Old)

The post-MND belly of Rose #3:I couldn't resist bringing my camera to MND.  Here is Gus, my nephew, looking cute in the kitchen:
And here is Rose #2, posing in one of her model poses.
Rose #1 is very into equity.  If there is a shot of Rose #2 and Rose #3, there had better be one of Rose #1 (or woe befall you):
Sometime soon we will cure Rose #3 of her squinty-eye smile whenever someone points a  camera in her face.  Here she is with Aunt Brenna:
We had a good MND.  Pot roast (chicken for me), potatoes, broccoli, homemade bread, and Aunt Heidi brought a big old chocolate bar.  Yum.

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