Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Outing to the Science Museum

The best laid plans...(I remember saying that to a friend in college in our feminist days - "the best laid plans of mice and men" - and she said, "good thing we are neither!")

Yesterday, Rose #3 was unexpectedly, unexplainedly sick. She threw up a couple of times and was generally miserable. So my veggie-heavy, TV-free day morphed into a junk food, movie day during which we only left the house to go to Cub and Target.

So we made up for it (in part) today. We went to the Science Museum, of which we are members. Rose #1's favorite part was a computer program that helped her learn about how wind patterns are formed.  She spent quite a while learning about high and low pressure centers, and wind direction and speed, etc.
Rose #2 liked an exhibit that demonstrated air flow.  A ball sits on top of an exhaust outlet and when the air goes on, the outlet can be moved.  Then you see how far down the outlet can go before the ball bounces off.  Here is Rose #2 prepping to catch the ball:
Rose #3 took frequent breaks (with me) for snacks.  Nilla Wafers, raisins:  she wasn't picky.  Here she is in the snack corner smiling since she got to eat a bunch of Nilla Wafers:
MY favorite part of the Science Museum is the musical steps.  The Science Museum has connected a flight of stairs to a music program so that when you step on a stair,  a musical note plays.  There are lots of good things about these steps:  they are neat, plus they encourage young children to run up and down many times.  I.e.,:

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