Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quiet Saturday Morning

Up early to get some work done.  Every morning I wake up with one girl on my right (usually Rose #2) and one on my left (usually Rose #3).  Until the Christmas loft beds, I would also normally find another girl at my feet, lying perpindicular across the bed (Rose #1).  Yes, they still come into our bed, almost every night.  I just try to remember that when they are teenagers, they won't even want to TALK to us.  Quite the opposite these days, of course.

Today we are going to try to do a family activity - Science Museum, maybe, since we are members.  And my personal goal is to have 1) very little television 2) lots of fruits and vegetables (wish you saw Rose #2 with her ice cream and Whopper sundae last night) 3) thank you notes done by the end of the day and 4) a minimum of yelling.  On my part, that is.

Tomorrow, the Christmas tree comes down.  It seems like we only had it up for such a short time.  This year the Roses got to the glass bulbs before I could put them mostly on the top of the tree, so they were all threaded precariously on the bottom branches.  We lost quite a few of those bulbs this year, of course.   I feel like I was always running into the tree room with a broom and dustpan.

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