Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Roses, Their Cousins, and a Jolly Old Elf

Today was the day - our annual trek to the 8th floor of Macy's. In Rose #1's time, it has been Dayton's, Marshall Fields, and Macy's. Luckily they keep up the tradition of the 8th floor, where a Christmas story is staged each year with figurines, lights, music, and signs to tell the story. This year the story is about Santa's elves:

The Roses enjoyed walking through the displays. There was a very large quantity of cotton (?) snow. Here they are looking at one display with moving Christmas trees:
All of Guppy's grandchildren were there. Here is baby Kate, who was extremely cheerful during the entire event. Her daddy is in the background:
And here is Rose #2 with her cousin Maddie:
And Rose #3 riding on Uncle Andy's shoulders. Uncle Andy is growing a beard which makes him very intriguing to Rose #3:

And finally here are the Roses sitting on Santa's lap. Rose #1 whispered what she wants to Santa, and I could not even hear. Rose #2 wants a "jellybean machine," and I do not even know what this is. Rose #3 whispered something about "Pokemon" before losing it completely and being unable to speak.

We all had a very good time, and returned to our house after the outing for delicious homemade soup (thank you Aunt Heidi!). What is Christmas without an outing to sit on Santa's lap?

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