Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rough Weekend

For some reason, yesterday was a rough day.  Everyone was crabby - the kids want to watch TV nonstop, so when I forced them to turn it off and come to the library with me, well, it wasn't a pretty picture.  You know the articles in the newspaper or a women's magazine you read about moms who look like they might be getting really mad at their kids in a public place, and you aren't supposed to shame them or yell at them, but instead to offer to help?  That was me at the library yesterday - the mom having a hard time, that is.  Rose #3 wanted me to read stories ONLY to her, and then started screaming and crying when I tried to read to Rose #2.  So, it was time to leave.  Then Rose #3 really lost it.  We had about 30 books to check out, all in a big canvas bag, and I could not manage Rose #3 crying, Roses #1 and #2 protesting, and checking out the books, so I was getting ready to simply unload all the books and leave the library.  Well, that set off Roses #1 and #2!! So a kind onlooker helped Roses #1 and #2 check out their books while I struggled to get Rose #3's coat on. 

Sigh.  A simple trip to the library, fouled up by tempers and inexpert mothering.

Things did not improve much over the day, and we ended up all in bed at about 8:30.  (Except H, that is.)  Here's to a better Sunday, we hope.  We have church, and some errands to do, and the football game is on TV - so maybe moods will be better.

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