Sunday, January 25, 2009

A long blogging absence...

Is never good. The week escaped me, I admit it. But we had a fun weekend, so here goes.  After dinner out on Friday night (at Fuddrucker's!  The only place that we can really go where no one cares that our kids run all over the darn place!) I got up and worked out and worked on Saturday morning.  But after I got home (and after skiing) we went to Northfield to visit our friends and have a sleepover!  We went to Nadia's house.  Here is Nadia making pizza dough:

And Rose #1 could not believe that I would let her eat the raw dough.  I never let the Roses eat raw dough (since it usually has raw eggs in it).  But Jiffy pizza dough has no raw eggs, so it was safe to eat!
After dinner, due to the pizza dough messiness (and the general pizza messiness), it was time for a bath in the big whirlpool tub.  They LOVED splashing, pouring, etc.
And yes, these are a bit out of order, but here are the very serious pizza dough crafters.
We had a very good sleepover.  The Roses went to bed quite late (9:45 p.m.!) but I got 9 - that's NINE - nearly uninterrupted hours of sleep.  Yay!  Thanks Anna and Nadia.

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