Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Better. Whew.

Maybe it was back to school, maybe the (ever so) slightly warmer weather, but the Roses are better.  Phew.  

I got home from work tonight and we were saying farewell to our old nanny, Tam.  She swooped in and saved our life after Jill had to go on bedrest.  Now she is off to college.  Good luck Tam! Goodbye!  We will see you in the summertime.  Enjoy college.  I wonder if it means that I am old that I am thinking that she should enjoy college while she is young, youth is wasted on the young, etc. etc.  

For Pete's sake, I am only 39.  I'm not THAT old YET.

The Roses weathered the farewell pretty well, and we had a nice taco dinner (even though it was a late dinner).  Rose #3 is having a bit more of a hard time with the transition between nannies, and she has been regressing in her potty training.  Turns out that if you pee in a booster chair, it does in fact drip down onto the dining room chair.  YECCCH.

I cleaned up/took out garbage/made lunches, and H supervised showers and jammies.  Now we are having a quick movie interlude before bed.

Wish all our evenings were this peaceful.  Rose #3 just leaned her head on my shoulder.  How could it get much better?

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